Keystone Boss Ladies Bond Over Cookie Decorating

Members and friends of Keystone Boss Ladies (KBL) had a great time learning tips and techniques on creating picture perfect holiday cookies. Michelle Lynam, Professional Cake & Cookie Decorator, shared her recipes and secrets on how to use easy to find tools to decorate cookies.

The attendees received six different cut out sugar cookies and icing to decorate while watching Michelle on a large screen with real-time overhead projection. In addition, everyone was given a pastry box to take home their cookies and recipe cards.

“This event provided a chance for women of all ages and interests to come together and share a fun evening while learning some secret tips on making holiday cookies that will impress your family and guests,” commented Jacque Harpster, Executive Director of Keystone Boss Ladies. “It was also an opportunity to share information about Keystone Boss Ladies and the exciting changes happening with the organization including more events like tonight. Whether you are succeeding as a corporate or non-profit professional, managing a household or your own company, hoping to change jobs and career paths, we are our own “boss”, who can be more successful with the help of mentors and support of others. That’s what KBL is all about!”

Membership applications and additional information on KBL were provided and several of the attendees who were not already members completed applications or took applications to complete and submit for membership. If you are interested in becoming a member of KBL or have questions about how to become involved, email Jacque at [email protected].