Keystone Boss Ladies

Presented by Keystone Boss Ladies
From Generations Magazine Spring/Summer 2020

Are you a flourishing corporate or non-profit professional, managing your own business, company, or even your own household? Or maybe you are deciding on which path to travel next in life? Wherever you are on your life’s path, Keystone Boss Ladies, Inc. (KBL) is here for you!

KBL was created as a professional business networking organization for ALL women to start broadening their connections and gain support and resources from other successful women in the region. Catherine “Katy” McCabe, President of Keystone Boss Ladies, Inc., started KBL in the spring of 2018, remembering the goals of her now successful networking organization.

“I started KBL keeping in mind a lot of my own personal experiences,” Katy shared. “I started my career very young and grew up in business, then had my own children, and I’ve always worked with individuals who were in a different season of life than I was in. I felt like I was always on a different path than them, and that’s fine, but it was hard to relate and share in the difficulties I may have been facing at that moment, like juggling raising young children with starting your own business.”

Thus, Keystone Boss Ladies, Inc. was born, ready to support women in any season of their life with resources and connections amongst women who all come from different backgrounds and their own experiences. With a comprehensive website used as KBL’s resource hub including member-exclusive podcasts, event information, and a member forum, members of KBL can find the support and resources they need at any time. If in-person networking is more your thing, KBL offers networking mixers and events that include women from surrounding counties to expand your network of strong, successful women across county lines.

“One thing that I really enjoy about Keystone Boss Ladies, Inc. is that it is a very laid back and relaxed experience,” Katy shared. “I don’t want it to be uncomfortable. At our mixers, I want everyone to just be able to talk about their days and be able to find the support that they may be needing at that moment. I want to build relationships between the strong women in our community.”

Joining Keystone Boss Ladies, Inc. allows you to actively support one another and watch your careers grow, volunteer together in your community, and develop lifelong friendships. Are you ready to join this one-of-a-kind networking organization? Visit today to learn more about KBL and how to become a new member!