Keystone Boss Ladies (KBL) Membership
Business Connections — Opportunities for Support and Growth

Don’t lose out on valuable time and business connections that can help you attain your personal and professional goals starting right now, today!

Many new members come to KBL by way of two popular programs: Explore KBL and Monthly Free Networking. These events are doorways into a world of new connections and possibilities for professional women. But they aren’t just for new members! Get the most out of your membership by attending Explore KBL events as a way to meet new peers as well as strengthen existing relationships. Similarly, monthly Free Networking can help introduce you to the organization, and position you for success!

Explore KBL – Inclusive Business Networking Meetings and Events
Throughout Pennsylvania

Explore KBL

Walking into a roomful of strangers can be intimidating. We’ve all been there! A core value of KBL is inclusion, and that’s what Explore KBL meetings are all about. There’s never any pressure or obligation to join, and membership is free!

Explore KBL events, scheduled throughout the year, are specially designed to welcome prospective members and reintroduce existing members to all KBL has to offer. Learn about our programs, Special Interest Groups, and Ambassadors, who are there to personally make sure each new member gets the most out of her KBL experience. Even for long-time members who are familiar with KBL’s benefits, these meetings are a wonderful opportunity to strengthen connections and meet new people in Pennsylvania.

Check the News & Events page for an Explore event happening soon. Explore KBL, and explore the possibilities!

Free Business Networking – Pennsylvania

Networking Opportunities

What does Keystone Boss Ladies do best? Networking, of course!

Opportunities abound when you meet and connect with people, whether you’re growing your business, just starting out, or looking for new clients or friends in Pennsylvania. KBL’s Free Networking events are scheduled monthly to give members those opportunities on a regular basis. Rather than having to seek out sporadic networking events on your own, KBL offers a comfortable, welcoming atmosphere whether it’s your first event or your hundredth. Best of all, it’s always free for KBL members!

Expand Your Customer Base and Advertise Your Business

Monthly Free Networking events are sponsored by KBL members, so they’re also a great avenue for sharing your knowledge, expanding your customer base, and advertising your business. If you’d like to host or sponsor a Free Networking event, contact us at [email protected].

Join KBL – Open the Door to Professional Growth

Becoming a member of Keystone Boss Ladies, Inc. opens doors to many opportunities and resources to aid in your growth as a professional, community member, and even a mother, daughter, aunt, sister…the ways Keystone Boss Ladies can impact your life is endless. Check out our upcoming events for an event near you. We hope to see you soon!


  • Networking Opportunities
  • Leadership Opportunities
  • Serve the Community with Others
  • Access to Podcasts
  • Access to Discussion Board Forum
  • Access to Membership Directory
  • Opportunity to Sponsor Networking Events
  • Reduced rate for sponsorship opportunities at all events, including Annual KBL Expo
  • Promotional mentions of business and events on KBL social media pages
  • Submit and highlight business related news & events

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