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Why Podcasts?

Because they are convenient, that’s why! We know we are all working women, moms, wives, daughters, sisters, aunts, and everything in between. We are all on the go … and can’t always take advantage of a networking event.

What do you do on your morning commute — listen to music, try to put on your make-up (yikes), or yell at the cars dodging in front of you? Maybe you’ve heard of podcasts, but don’t actually subscribe to them, or maybe you’re part of the 36% of the population who doesn’t even know what a podcast is.

What Is a Podcast?

Here’s what you should know: a podcast is like a radio show. There’s always a host and theme. It can be live or pre-recorded, short or long, daily or weekly. Each is different. If you have a spare 30-60 minutes for social media, you have time for a podcast.

No matter your interests, profession, or situation, there is a podcast out there for you — and best of all, the content is always free with your premium membership.

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Disclaimer: All of Keystone Boss Ladies, Inc. Podcasts are purely discussional and DOES NOT serve as advice.