Become a Keystone Boss Ladies Sponsor

Why Sponsor KBL?

Become a Keystone Boss Ladies Sponsor

  • Access to an educated and lucrative demographic of industry leaders for employment, research, and marketing
  • Direct sales and sampling opportunities to an educated and affluent pool of consumers and household decision-makers
  • Exposure for your company as an “Employer of Choice,” and the opportunity to raise brand awareness and connect with the female demographic
  • Network building for individuals and organizations
  • Skill Development & Leadership Development for women at all levels in a cost-effective and efficient way

Put Your Business Front and Center

As supporters of the Keystone Boss Ladies Organization, sponsors enjoy a heightened presence within the region and the opportunity to promote their products, services, and programs.

Let’s Support Each Other’s Success as Community Business Leaders

Sponsors of Keystone Boss Ladies will be able to see the clear correlation between their support and the success of the organization and its members. With your support, women across our region and beyond will have the resources and support to excel themselves to become powerful, successful women to lead our communities.

KBL Conference Sponsorship Is Open to ALL

We welcome anyone to become a sponsor to support, provide opportunities, and make an impact in the lives of hundreds of women every day in Pennsylvania.

Sponsorship Levels and Rates

Sponsorship support for the Keystone Boss Ladies offers an exclusive opportunity to build brand loyalty and market to a highly educated and successful group of women executives and entrepreneurs, whie providing networking with professional women to build relationships and meaningful connections that matter. Our value-driven sponsorship opportunities expand guest access to networking and educational opportunities, and offers distinct marketing visibility and exposure to many professional women.