Become a Supporting Member
Keystone Boss Ladies, Inc. – Pennsylvania

Supporting Members of Keystone Boss Ladies, Inc. (KBL) assist to increase the financial stability of our organization. As a not-for-profit, KBL depends on funding from these augmented memberships as an essential piece of our budgetary pie. Supporting members are in large part responsible for many of the wonderful programs and events KBL offers to our membership and the female business community, keeping costs low and affordable for attendees.

Your Contribution Is Vital to Our Mission
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As a Supporting Member, your contribution helps our organization thrive. To recognize this and show our appreciation, KBL offers incentives that go above and beyond the first tier of Basic Membership benefits. Your additional support provides the programming that makes us who we are, aiding in our mission to give women in the area a crucial community for personal and professional growth. You’re helping women not just for today, but for many years to come.

To enhance your current membership by becoming a Supporting Member, please contact us at [email protected].